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berlin, germany

“There are two ways of looking at a thing. Either you feel that a thing must be perfect before you present it to the public, or you are willing to let it go out even knowing that it is not perfect, because you are striving for something even beyond what you have achieved, but in struggling too hard for perfection you know that you may lose the very glimmer of life, the very spirit of the thing that you also know exists at a particular point in what you have done; and that to interfere with it would be to destroy that very living quality.

I am myself always in favor of practicing in public. There are, of course, those people who say, ‘But the public is not interested in watching people practice. It wants the finished thing or nothing.’ My answer is that if one does not practice in public in reality, then in nine cases out of ten the world will never see the finished product of one’s work. Some people go on the assumption that if a thing is not a hundred percent perfect it should not be given to the world, but I have seen too many things that were a hundred percent perfect that were spiritually dead, and then things that have life and vitality, which I prefer by far to the other so-called perfect thing.” (Stieglitz)



While I have photographed using a wide range of cameras – from a 8 x 10 view camera to hasselblad to pinholes and diana cameras, my real affinity is with the so-called lo-tech,  “crappy cameras”.  For over the last three years, I have lived in Berlin and no longer have access to my cameras … however, I do love my lensbaby.

If you are interested in  a particular photograph – technical details, to discuss, or to purchase – let me know.

Thanks for visiting.

all images copyrighted by Dallas Sells


3 Responses to “about me.”

  1. Mark Fohl Says:

    Hi Dallas, great stuff here. I like your minimalist approach to subject matter. You have given me many ideas to steal!

    Thanks for keeping up with your art and for sharing.


    — Mark

  2. For over 25 years I have seen your work go from not bad for a beginer to “wow” where did that come from. Your work puts me in another place and causes me not only to look, but also to study. I am a composition freak and you master the art of drawing the eye to see what you see.
    Don’t stop now.

  3. LuAnn & Mike Scanlon Says:

    We are proud to own to early black and white photographs you took of our son, Matthew (now almost 25), “under a glass coffee table” and “eating a banana.” Remember? We are so happy for you.

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